From Italy on the wings of a dream

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Ellis Island,1904On November 2, 1904 a boy - he was only 14 years old - landed at Ellis Island with only his baggage of dreams. His name GUIDO CONTI, years later he would become my dear grandfather.

Guido was brave, but in New York he did not came alone: with him was his brother, 9 years older, and a cousin, who already resided in the U.S. for some time.

Their relationship seemed strong , cemented by the consciousness they were themselves alone in a foreign and unknown country, thousands miles away from the village in central Italy they left. But their life took another course and destiny separate them forever.

Much time has gone, more than a century, but their story has not been completely forgotten, thanks to modern technology their lives resurface from the depths of history: through the net now I can ask all of you to help me to reconstruct what happened after their separation.

If you want to know more, read the pages of this site: you may can help for what i'm looking for.

Thanks for your attention and... I beg your pardon for my English.